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Learn more about why you should take a parenting course when going through a divorce with children.

I already know how to be a parent. I’ve been a parent for 5 or 10 or even 20 years. So why do I

have to take a Parenting Course?

Yes, you have been a parent. But you haven’t been a divorced parent. The Parenting Course is

designed to help divorcing parents learn how to co-parent their children during and after their

divorce. The official name of the course is “Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.”

The focus is on preserving families after divorce, because even after the divorce, you are still a

family. You and your spouse are divorcing, but your children aren’t divorcing their parents.

You and your co-parent are linked forever by the children. Even when they are adults, there will

be weddings and grandchildren and birthdays to celebrate, and sad occasions to share as well. All of those things will be easier if you are equipped to work through them together.


Try not to think of the course as something you have to do. Instead, think of it as something you can do, to help make a yucky situation better for your children.


These resources exist to help you make this new family work for your children. It’s not a huge time commitment, just four hours. Isn’t it worth four hours to get some tips on how to make life easier for you, your co-parent, and most specially, for your children?

Children of divorced parents do best when their parents are able to co-parent peacefully, and

taking the course is a good way to start learning how to make that happen. Don’t let it be the end

of your learning process. Talk to friends who have been able to make it work, look for resources

online, and if you and your co-parent are still struggling, seek out a good therapist for help. All

of these options are much less expensive (emotionally and financially) than hiring lawyers and

having a judge work things out for you and your co-parent.

Looking for a course? The Department of Children and Families has a list of online courses.

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