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Learn more about the filing process.

If you have a family matter or any type of case within the State of Florida, you can use the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal. Almost all counties within Florida use this system. This system allows for you to initiate a case or take action in an already initiated case.

To Begin, you would go to:

Select “E-FILING PORTAL” in the tool bar on the top of the page (second option)

Select “Register” under the login field and select your role, typically, if you are not represented by an attorney, you would select “Self- Represented Litigant”.

After you select your role a page will generate to enter a username and password to login.

After you login to the Florida E-Filing Portal, select “E-Filing Map” in the tool bar at the top. This map will generate the type of court system, the filing jurisdiction (county) and if the case is already filed. Your map should look like this:

If the case has not been filed, you would select “Case Initiation” and enter all details within (your name, opposing parties name, what type of case, what you’re filing, who would need to be served, etc.) If the case has been filed and needs to be reopened, you would select “Pleading on an Existing Case” and enter all details within, this is also where you would enter any documents relating to the case.

The court system is fairly easy to work with if you follow the steps and enter all information as needed. If you need any help filing through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal as a pro-se or self-represented litigant, please do not hesitate to give our office a call, we would LOVE to help!

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