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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Learn more about LaVia Law's representation rates.

You may have seen our marketing materials come up on Facebook or Instagram this past week, where we covered the word “Contingency fees” and how they are not usually allowed in Family Law. I’m sure you’re wondering, if contingency fees aren’t allowed, then what is?

Here at LaVia Law we offer a few different agreement types. Our most popular agreement is the

recurring monthly fee. This fee is offered to clients who pay a monthly amount until their case is

completed. This fee allows the attorney to work on the case while it’s still ongoing.

Another agreement type we offer is hourly advice. This plan allows the client to hire us on an hourly basis where we can answer any questions they may have or walk them through the next steps in their case. Most people who can’t afford the ongoing monthly fee, go with this option.

The last fee we offer is limited flat-fee agreements. The flat fee is only offered in some cases where the client hires the attorney on limited representation. For instance, some clients can’t afford an attorney to represent them for their whole case, so they hire an attorney only to represent them at the final hearing.

LaVia Law does also offer flat fee agreements on cases such as estate planning including wills, trusts, etc. In some cases, your fee can be covered by the other side, if awarded by the court.


To learn more about our agreements or prices, call us now to schedule a consultation

(850) 570-8069.


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