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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Learn more about the fees required when filing for a case

In Florida, no matter what county you are in, filing fees will always remain the same. The filing fee only changes based on the type of division that is being filed and with what documents.

So, why am I being charged an expense and attorney fee?

Filing Fees are expenses incurred by a law firm filing on any client’s behalf. These fees are assessed based on the type of documents and matter type being filed and billed back to the client. However, the filing fees aren’t the only expenses that can be billed. Other expenses may consist of postage, mediation fees (if a private company is used) and service of process fees (In order for the sheriff to serve the party with a lawsuit, a fee must be paid as well).

Attorneys Fees are fees owed to the Attorney for their services. These fees consist of an hourly rate or flat fee rate agreed on by both the attorney and client for their matter. If the client requests additional representation, an additional agreement must be recorded, and an additional cost will be incurred.

If you are interested in filing a case but do not know the cost, refer to the Leon County Clerk of Court Schedule of Service charges and statutory interest: Click Here

If you cannot afford the fees associated with your matter, you may qualify for civil indigence: Click Here

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