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An Explanation of LaVia Law's Approach to Affordable Legal Assistance

LaVia Law provides legal representation at an affordable price, what we like to call "low bono."

But, what are low-bono legal services?

You may have heard the term "pro bono legal services," but still not quite understand what it means. “Pro bono” means without charge. Low-bono legal services are reduced-fee services for those who don’t quality for pro bono services, but still can’t afford the full-price fees charged by private lawyers. The primary purpose of low-bono services is to provide people of moderate financial means access to affordable law-related services.

Although there are a handful of exceptions for special groups (such as veterans and victims of domestic abuse) the income qualifications for pro bono legal representation are not very flexible and the income requirements are very low. That means many people find themselves with too much income to qualify for free legal services, but not enough income to afford to hire a private attorney. Those private attorneys traditionally charge $250 to $350 (or more!) an hour and may even require large retainers up front. This leaves many of people with few alternatives.

LaVia Law seeks to fill that gap by providing low-bono legal services.

According to the American Bar Association, 60% of people with moderate income choose not to pursue legal remedies for their problems because of how challenging it is to find affordable legal help. Using low bono services like those at LaVia Law, these people can retain affordable legal representation and pursue their claims in court with the confidence that they have a professional advocate to help!

An attorney providing low-bono services can work with clients to structure reasonable fee agreements that allow clients with modest means the ability to seek affordable solutions to their legal problems.

If you have a legal problem but feel you may not be able to afford an attorney, please contact LaVia Law to discuss your case.

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